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Jilted Joker

Magic Maker hardly grey Never knew just what to say, Daunting danced beneath the stars Floated free away to Mars.   Always antics filled the room, Wary waiting for some doom. Captured, clearly, fun to… Continue reading

An Ode to Writers

Mat tatt an twittle dob This is our specific job Tink hink iz shuddle phry Writing things that make you cry. Wit blit oh tuttle foom We write to make ideas bloom Razz… Continue reading

Music in Snapshots

He waited and wondered He greeted in snow They kissed at a party He knew that was Joe She sat ever yearning A chuckle was sent He clocked in the hour His sweater… Continue reading


He returned from the washroom and smiled at the seat-filler who vacated his spot. His wife told him that a famous actress had just passed by offering him luck which pleased him. And… Continue reading

The Carpenter Who brought Candy

“During the summer I turned 10, my neighbours next door renovated their house. There were contractors, plumbers, painters and one carpenter who came by everyday. I didn’t like the noise: lots of hammering… Continue reading

A moment for Celebration…

I Love to Write! I think I mentioned that the day I began this Blog last Fall. Having written in one form or another since I was quite young, I cannot imagine any… Continue reading

Hope…it’s still out there

This morning, at the breakfast table, I looked out and not only saw a small bird (not sure if it was a Robin or chickadee. I’m no birdie.) dancing about the dirty snow.… Continue reading

DP Challenge: Points of View

HE LUMBERED IN TO THE CAFÉ and took his usual spot at the lunch counter. He knew what he wanted to order but he couldn’t formulate the request. Instead, he sat hunched over,… Continue reading


Along the path, the swirl of colour draped throughout my day, It paced itself with every breath, it danced as it did sway. I marveled at its beauty, and the silence was complete,… Continue reading