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Summer nothing? Yes!

It’s different these days that time we call Summer. The anticipation of it can be felt long before it hits. But it isn’t the same kind as it was when I was child.… Continue reading

Go…Take a Walk

I am loving being outside this summer. I’ve been walking a lot to begin the day and to keep the young ones busy and have found it unbelievably fulfilling. There is something to… Continue reading

Dear Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck…

“You steal the time. You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper…” Until… you don’t. And then… “After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision… Continue reading

Two Chairs

Two chairs and there they sat Simple and free Two chairs just waited still Destined to be. Two chairs were spotted once Seen from afar Two chairs were smiled at Carried to car.… Continue reading

Beyond Applause

The wind kicks up As she sees the ball Her feet hit the grass She does not stall. Round how it whirs She’s in clear control Her breath in her chest Just edges… Continue reading

Can You See?

Just for a minute It all lies secure Your head is so clear there’s nothing to fear Just for a second The steps are concrete You breathe in at peace a calm and… Continue reading

Me and Sandra Bullock

Bright and lively actress Sandra Bullock was chosen by PEOPLE magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, a title she laughed at yet graciously played a long with. As a bright and lively… Continue reading


My Mother broke every plate in the house that day. She wouldn’t speak to me. She just kept grabbing plates from the cupboard and smashing them into shards on the tiled floor. I… Continue reading

Moving pictures

I am here…but I’m not I see you…but I don’t know you I had experiences once…but now, I know moving pictures in my mind I used to love a feast…now, I am told… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Magic

Okay first I must say, I’m a sucker. But something in this story struck a chord in me. Sometimes I feel just that, unsure of the role I play in life, my family,… Continue reading