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Awaiting The Light

Dazzle and sparkle awaken the days, as Love fills air in season.   Awaiting the Light to come in Christmas Glory stirs heart action.   BUT   Remembering loss for crumbled spirits this… Continue reading

At Life’s Farewell

Under a bright sun with joyful music, I said goodbye to a friend.   A peace settled there, unexpected calm balanced grief with a light heart.   A Life’s Farewell will raise moments… Continue reading

Cookie Comfort

There is a joy in baking up tradition and sharing nostalgia A simple taste can transport you back to a time of childhood ease And contemplation full emotion, comfort, sold in crunch of… Continue reading


A leap of faith, yet crippled by hidden tangles i cannot let go.   Care-free does not come and leap becomes weighty fall impeding spirit.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright: Tuesday, September… Continue reading


Catching colour bright in a fleeting moment here a sigh so breathless AS Rainbow trickles down and glory makes a play for life-full lifted rays.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright: Sunday, July… Continue reading


Cannot break from dream when feet are planted but soul is faraway still.   The coconut sway entraps me here as I try to return to life.    Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright:… Continue reading

Le Pane di Pasqua

  One bite and flavour whisks me back to glory days of carefree pastels. A mother’s magic kneaded in love of season sugar-glazed, joy-filled. Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Image: Easter… Continue reading

Gone from the Café

Someone has been lost in a worded phrase or thought, has drifted from me.   Though I truly try to hold attention firm, clear, I can’t always win.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku… Continue reading

Icy Feat, Sad

The icy sheet lies beckoning adventure bold blade meets glassy frost The icy sheet hurt without warning, fall crashes pain bursts like a bomb The icy sheet lies stretched out shiny cold, these… Continue reading

Desiring More

Layered beneath shell lies a centre of wonder to be discovered. The unveiling is a conscious pursuit of more than we think we know.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright: Friday, December 9,… Continue reading