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The path beckons me Forward comes in daily steps Fresh, alive, in breaths of thought.   Journey seems futile Like chipping ice from a berg That will never melt.   As leaves fall and… Continue reading

Toasting in three

In a third marking ablaze in a multitude of images, words connected in thought driven by meaning, to make a place for rest, here to come back again with warm drink, to read, ponder an… Continue reading

In Living Color

Distracting color, the world gathers, and eyes shut Pain lives in backdrop.   Hurried for spotlight, The glory and the STRIFE stand, beyond camera.   Disparity screams Louder than victory cheers, Joy crumbles… Continue reading


The clock ticks on now, Hours broken, through the night air. Moon brings joy ce soir.   To wait is to dance. To rest is to breathe relief. Open door brings peace.  … Continue reading


  Little light slipped through When gloom danced in the moment I sing with new joy.   Before me, it rests I re-energize and bask For light can fade fast.   Paula Antonello… Continue reading

Hug’s Reach

Clocking all the hours Face takes shape in the darkness Will sleep ever come Desperate need to connect Forever is shaken here Turtle steps on ground How do I do it Can not speak eloquently Presence… Continue reading

In the Grip

Morning rises still Tears of last night keep flowing The open wound wakes.   The world watches us Our faces, candles, flags wave We mourn in spotlight.   Will peace ever come? Hope, courage thrive in the day But night renews… Continue reading


Splashed against the shore Restless waves flow upon leaves Autumn breeze blows here. Rest comes in moments A pause with eyes closed brings peace Reluctant to leave. Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Tuesday… Continue reading


Heat can be awful When its only relief is A sputtering fan. But to be lucky In the quenching of water Is bliss beyond dreams. When mind and body Are soothed they appreciate… Continue reading


My courage drips and dissolves I seek a lifeline as boldness slips away now. I live in hope but know fear for this life has brought heartache under light of days. Paula Antonello… Continue reading