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Make me better Help me see Turn the light on Set me free   Guide the wordling Yield the mark Breathe alive now Share the spark   Let it not die Once its… Continue reading


Resting light Dappled spark Leaning in. Once so tall Withered weight Patience lost. Water cool Sun-bathed kiss Strength renewed. Standing, still Reaching out Touching flow. Bare in sky Blossoms’ hope Will return. Blue… Continue reading


  Settling down Settling in Heart lifted high Now to begin.   Making it count Making it real Everything flows It’s a BIG deal.   Shifting a phrase Shifting in chair Words become… Continue reading

Float on

Sailing light Gloomy bay Words do more Than take you away. Breathe it in Savour light Float on phrases Free the kite. Inspiration Touches heart Moves you farther Than at start. Share your… Continue reading


  Little light slipped through When gloom danced in the moment I sing with new joy.   Before me, it rests I re-energize and bask For light can fade fast.   Paula Antonello… Continue reading

You Cannot Reach Me Here

Hello Friends. Here is yet another re-post while I continue my redrafting of my manuscript. Enjoy! — Paula You cannot reach me Here I am far from you Carried away by Melody Shades… Continue reading


Splashed against the shore Restless waves flow upon leaves Autumn breeze blows here. Rest comes in moments A pause with eyes closed brings peace Reluctant to leave. Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Tuesday… Continue reading

I’m Not, but…I Am

I am so not a morning person. Well, I’m not and I am. I dislike very much getting up early. There is nothing more pleasurable than sinking deeper beneath warm blankets and getting… Continue reading

Gone Be Giant

Giant is dead Gone is its breadth The drape of its shade The red feathered reach Giant is gone A reason unknown If only you knew The heartache in witness Giant in pieces… Continue reading

The Rain is gain

The rain, not pain, for me it’s gain though wet, no fret resides in tête, it stirs, mind whirs and nothing blurs so near thoughts clear, the droplets dear for each, they breach… Continue reading