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If you look And you see It all unfolds before your eyes If you stop And you breathe It touches the soul and moves the heart If you bask And you feel You… Continue reading

Music in Snapshots

He waited and wondered He greeted in snow They kissed at a party He knew that was Joe She sat ever yearning A chuckle was sent He clocked in the hour His sweater… Continue reading

Someone Else’s Eyes

I don’t know what I’m doing Somedays My insides just push forward And I write I don’t know what it is What is raised It comes in and flows out Worthwhile? Perhaps today.… Continue reading

Growing My Writing

I was outside gardening this past weekend. Now I’m not terribly skilled or know all there is to know about gardening. Yet, when we inherited a home that had beautiful landscaping already built… Continue reading

Falling into New York

Waiting in grey Excitement Delay Then flying on through to the glory of play Yellow whizz by The Row where we’ll lie Better than up in the air where we fly Monsters in… Continue reading


Breathtaking beauty Skies overhead Clouding sheer streak far beyond where I tread Sun-bathing warming Striped blue I lay Laughter in splashes below where they play Moving so slowly Deep blue floats on Every… Continue reading

The Unbreakable

There is a Tree that stands in New York City. It’s a pear tree more than 40 years old. It was one of many planted and placed in the outdoor space to beautify… Continue reading

It Inspires…

A note, float, coats are shed A light, bright, sight is fed A shirt, flirt, skirt is worn A seed, feed, need is born The skin, thin, spin is done The dance, trance,… Continue reading

Silver Glass

Washing over me… your voice comes. It’s so soothing even if I don’t need the calm. It is welcome here. I am swept away by the sway of melodic guide. “Why do you… Continue reading

Finding a “Little Happy”

Today while at a vibrant home furnishings store, I picked up a set of 6 Melamine mixing bowls. I bought them because they were arranged in a beautiful rainbow array of colour from… Continue reading