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Music in Snapshots

He waited and wondered He greeted in snow They kissed at a party He knew that was Joe She sat ever yearning A chuckle was sent He clocked in the hour His sweater… Continue reading


I try I try but can’t keep up It’s Life it whips too fast I do my best to test my worth My spirit lags its mast The heart is in it’s in… Continue reading

Peanut Butter Magic

Okay first I must say, I’m a sucker. But something in this story struck a chord in me. Sometimes I feel just that, unsure of the role I play in life, my family,… Continue reading


I want to tell you of a man who’s heart was grand and dear Who wore his smile, a rainbow shield, in thoughtfulness and cheer. Unfazed was he by life’s curve balls, devoted… Continue reading

Dear Philip Seymour Hoffman…

Dear Philip Seymour Hoffman: I just found out this afternoon that YOU are Dead. I didn’t know you but your death matters to me. I am devastated and…so angry and really truly upset!… Continue reading

Growing Pains

On New Year’s Day I wrote a poetic blog post. Like many of us, I was excited about the new year beginning and all the unknown adventures ahead. After all, when that Ball… Continue reading

Chipping Hemingway

Today while I was having my morning coffee, I looked down in shock to see that I had inadvertently chipped my prized Hemingway mug. There it was a tiny chip of porcelain sitting… Continue reading