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Okay, I am now at my end, This winter, no longer a friend. The SNOW is too much, My shovel, my crutch, And HAPPY I cannot pretend. At Christmas, the SNOW was the… Continue reading

It. Went. Dark.

A week ago TV went black. Our spirits all sunk and went slack. Not even a drink, could rescue from brink, the longing for it to be back. It’s not like we’re slave… Continue reading


There once was a girl with a cast Who didn’t think it was a blast Just sitting all day While the world was at play She prayed that it so wouldn’t last.  … Continue reading

Y E A R N I N G …

The cookie just sat there in waiting While mouth it was merely debating Should I eat it there Would anyone care Then gone it was, yearning deflating. Another was placed on the table… Continue reading

Pink Shoes

There once was a pair of pink shoes Who gave their smart owner the blues So dazzling to see But feet how they’d be Much better off if they could choose. Paula Antonello… Continue reading

An Editing Limerick or two

The editing now has begun A mixture of pain and some fun At times I can’t think I long for a drink But feel its much better to run. The running does not… Continue reading

The Changing of the Wheels

The OLD CAR was loved where it sat, Fond memories fuller than flat, Awaited its fate, It wouldn’t be late, The Farewell was harder than that. Then in came the Fresh one, so… Continue reading

A Post-less week

A week without writing a post Makes this writer not one to boast My schedule is full This isn’t all bull I promise to soon make up most. peekiequeen poetry, copyright Friday, July… Continue reading

A Limerick to Fight a Cold

Fighting a cold in the city Ain’t fun, and not very pretty. Congested up head I live in my bed Sorry, I’m not very witty. Was anxious to savour the Spring I was… Continue reading