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It Covers All

It lies Beneath the snow It’s not the ground I speak of though Its schedules that Move on so slow And pile up When head Hung low Its aching heart That wants to… Continue reading

Gone Be Giant

Giant is dead Gone is its breadth The drape of its shade The red feathered reach Giant is gone A reason unknown If only you knew The heartache in witness Giant in pieces… Continue reading

Go…Take a Walk

I am loving being outside this summer. I’ve been walking a lot to begin the day and to keep the young ones busy and have found it unbelievably fulfilling. There is something to… Continue reading

why don’t i climb a tree

why don’t i climb a tree There is joy in freedom…there is bliss in carelessness. why don’t i climb a tree It stands outstretched above. It’s branches reach for the sky. Leafy coat… Continue reading

A Sigh with the Clouds

I want it to Rain! Don’t want to complain But we need it so Dear water please flow. I’m not talking flood But more than a dud, Not hurricane might But stronger than… Continue reading


I do not like it when a tree becomes as naked as can be and shakes me up, it brings such woe to see those branches empty blow when arms become mere twigs… Continue reading