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Darth’s Accordion

Playful pose and fancy free lounging lovely earned esprit. Care-less craft and dancing dare wearing wonder sightless stare. Magic move and boldly bright jesting joker trading trite. Humor’s Ha and Gladden’s gift noted… Continue reading

Desiring More

Layered beneath shell lies a centre of wonder to be discovered. The unveiling is a conscious pursuit of more than we think we know.   Paula Antonello Moore, Haiku. Copyright: Friday, December 9,… Continue reading

The Happy Keeper

There is this lovely older woman at the gym named Lynn. But I’d like to call her the Happy Keeper. I have never met anyone like her. Every single time I see her,… Continue reading

Beneath the Magic

In the depth of your branches beneath the glowing lights You hold much more than a Christmas wish but years of magic moments a whisper of nostalgia that shines forth each season Bright… Continue reading

Piney, oh pineapple

Piney oh pineapple jumped in the pool Ready for playtime, thought he was cool. Floated in sunlight, danced on the wave Splashedy splash did, felt really brave. Then someone shouted, “How’d that get… Continue reading

Fall-ing Farewell

As I watch the leaves of red tumble down right before my eyes, it breaks my heart to think  mere days remain of Fall. Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Monday, November 7, 2016. Image: Fallen… Continue reading

Sparkle Awe

Sometimes its far easier and more enjoyable to just gaze Mesmerized than to capture a Something with Words.   Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Friday, November 4, 2016. Image: Fibre Optic Light by P.A.… Continue reading

In Intrigue’s glow

Fantastical find fresh upon Life’s floor Funny Flattened Focus-less on fuss Firm Fearless Fights not for place Flapping Free First to dance under breeze Floating Fade-less Filled with fancy fire Furled Fasten-less Forcing… Continue reading


I cannot sleep and in the haze my mindful thoughts become a maze a trudging search to find some peace i tire quick with no release I sigh and turn and toss right back… Continue reading


Confusion rules in chaos when I don’t know where to start And a seed goes un-planted…until That moment when just the right light ignites And a root dives to depths beyond sight.  … Continue reading