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Endless Wound

A Flood of COLOUR A candle lit A hug squeezed tighter A prayer said soft   A fearful moment An aching heart A torrent of tears A frozen stand   A mass of… Continue reading


Hello Trees I see you from below Happy that you glow green again. Hello Trees You lift my heart high Renewing a lost soul in Springtime light. Hello Trees Your glorious buds Bursting… Continue reading

Go…Take a Walk

Hello there Friends; At the moment, I am swamped with editing deadlines for my manuscript. So I thought I’d re-post a previous blog from last summer. Though it may be off season, the sentiment… Continue reading

Up Right

I’m crawling up and over I go the light looks brighter there but then, down I fall.   I’m crawling toward the bright excitement drives my muscles until… I am blown away, off… Continue reading


Sun is up Its time to sing, When brightness covers Everything. Clouds move in And brightness ends, A shadowy darkness Mind it bends. Sun back up And birds are high, It’s all so… Continue reading

Green Anew

Jagged haze enfolds twisting up in mass of edges It breathes anew ready for life bold the light rests. Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, April 25, 2016 Image: Green shoot by P.Antonello Moore.

Life’s Weight

As she wanders In this place, Darkness sits Upon her face. Nothing makes Emotions light, Ever shaded By the night. Hard to break That shell of hers, Or brighten up, No nothing spurs An… Continue reading


  Settling down Settling in Heart lifted high Now to begin.   Making it count Making it real Everything flows It’s a BIG deal.   Shifting a phrase Shifting in chair Words become… Continue reading

Not A One

  Nobody today No one Not a one To see, pop in, feel Not a soul None here How lost a day’s view Gone unnoticed Unattended, not a care No stopping in Nada… Continue reading

The Sleepover

My cousin’s big sleepover party was near i couldn’t contain my excitement or fear it was very new, yes quite new just for me i’d never been over to sleep in such glee i’d… Continue reading