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  Sliced through anguish rips heart the minutes shatter and freeze numb still a new year comes calendar date carved in pain. Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, January 8, 2016. Dedicated to A.DelR. Photo Credit:… Continue reading

All in Store

Countdown is on Or so they tell me Much to do still No snow I can see Gifts are hiding Locked from little ones Checklist ending Wrapping everyone’s Minding clock tick Busy steadily… Continue reading


Splashed against the shore Restless waves flow upon leaves Autumn breeze blows here. Rest comes in moments A pause with eyes closed brings peace Reluctant to leave. Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Tuesday… Continue reading

In Likeness Shared

Upon the film lie moments fixed emotion in time and memories made. But then a one in likeness shows posed joys in scene feelings reborn. He takes her words and marks her path… Continue reading

Farewell Charlotte

Three Septembers ago, I began this blog not really knowing what I was setting out to do. I had long thought about the idea of blogging as a way to showcase my writing… Continue reading


I am always amazed when I get recognition for anything I do. So when I was recently nominated by Ireland today for the Starlight Blogger Award, I thought him very kind and very… Continue reading


If you look And you see It all unfolds before your eyes If you stop And you breathe It touches the soul and moves the heart If you bask And you feel You… Continue reading


“Many people view the idea of everyone being different to be a disadvantage or source of conflict; I, as do many Torontonians, feel that it is precisely this characteristic that unites us and… Continue reading

There’s nothing like Colour

There is nothing like COLOUR! Yes I spell it “Colour” and not “Color.” Something about the “u” just makes sense. Colour to me is something beyond a swatch of fabric or a paint… Continue reading