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  Sliced through anguish rips heart the minutes shatter and freeze numb still a new year comes calendar date carved in pain. Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, January 8, 2016. Dedicated to A.DelR. Photo Credit:… Continue reading

Jingle without Dread

Hello Friends: Just a friendly Re-post to remind you to stay peaceful this holiday season. Cheers! —Paula Don’t lose your cool as you set out The fuss is everywhere, If shopping is what… Continue reading

All in Store

Countdown is on Or so they tell me Much to do still No snow I can see Gifts are hiding Locked from little ones Checklist ending Wrapping everyone’s Minding clock tick Busy steadily… Continue reading


  A critter that critter that plagued us all here Has finally been caught and has ended our fear. He roamed and he ran and he clattered about And made me explode in… Continue reading

Mounting Bright

  Mounting Merry Bundles build, Heavy hearted Thwarts the thrilled.   Chasing, captured, Lessening load, Freeing frenzy Bested bowed.   Storing secret Wrapping well Risky research Trade to tell.   Countdown crazy, Minding mark, Snowless sighting… Continue reading

Endless Ever After

Stitching it together piece by piece Trying to make it brilliant then release   Always constant motion words fall through Characters are mumbling Fighting blue   Never wanting less than rainbow shades Cannot… Continue reading

In the Grip

Morning rises still Tears of last night keep flowing The open wound wakes.   The world watches us Our faces, candles, flags wave We mourn in spotlight.   Will peace ever come? Hope, courage thrive in the day But night renews… Continue reading

Cauchemar Insondable

I cannot feel outside of me A strangling takes hold Nightmare sounds in pops and crash My eyes are clamped tight The sirens blare in my head A crippling pain in my chest… Continue reading

The Valour

The Calendar date, a gate to past With weary grey eyes, time flies its mast The small red and black, a crack returns And old shaking bones, the moan that burns Not just… Continue reading

Unspoken Speaking

Hello Friends. As I have reported recently (Novel Update #18), I am deeply entrenched in my revisions for Draft #3 of my manuscript. So I thought it might be nice to fill The… Continue reading