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The Chill of Real

Today I’m free To dress and be With so much glee For fun. I’ll masquerade Keep up charade Won’t be afraid Til done. With makeup strewn A ghoulish goon Under full moon I… Continue reading

Come Dance with me

Come dance with me beneath the breeze let go…and play Come dance with me beneath the breeze set sail…and breathe Come dance with me beneath the breeze raise feet…and laugh Come dance with… Continue reading


No turkey dinner made real nice No pies filled up with nutmeg spice No friendly greetings at the door I’m thankful true for something more… No autumn leaves upon the ground No feasting… Continue reading

Hold On

I’m not ready yet for you to go. I noticed too late. I missed your show. Your colour abundance showered about. I caught a mere glimpse swaying down to the ground. I longed… Continue reading

Fresh Starting

A saddened farewell in paths of fun To all that came in our days So long to moments of timeless go And greeting to routine craze. An instant seen, felt warmly in light… Continue reading

In Likeness Shared

Upon the film lie moments fixed emotion in time and memories made. But then a one in likeness shows posed joys in scene feelings reborn. He takes her words and marks her path… Continue reading

Gone Be Giant

Giant is dead Gone is its breadth The drape of its shade The red feathered reach Giant is gone A reason unknown If only you knew The heartache in witness Giant in pieces… Continue reading

Dreaming undone

“Sometimes I look back and think my whole adult life has been underlined with a feeling of waiting – waiting for something to happen, waiting for circumstances to change…to infuse me from the… Continue reading

The Ring

He’s wearing a ring but not happy His face wears a frown and is gray She’s missing her ring and can fake it But they only watch her at play She’s wearing her… Continue reading


I am always amazed when I get recognition for anything I do. So when I was recently nominated by Ireland today for the Starlight Blogger Award, I thought him very kind and very… Continue reading