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Still Missing The Captain…

Marking the one year anniversary with a re-posted blog tribute. The darkness it was silent No brightness filled the room Until a Tiny Glimmer Raised up its face from gloom. It sparked and… Continue reading

Dear John Stewart, Sir

“His gift has always been being one of the citizens and one of the people that is being affected by things. He just kind of lays it out the way that makes sense… Continue reading


It’s black right there i stare so dark no flare that’s rare soundless the air i share that’s good it’s where i care eyes closed my prayer aware to be i swear its… Continue reading

The Rain is gain

The rain, not pain, for me it’s gain though wet, no fret resides in tête, it stirs, mind whirs and nothing blurs so near thoughts clear, the droplets dear for each, they breach… Continue reading

An Ode to Writers

Mat tatt an twittle dob This is our specific job Tink hink iz shuddle phry Writing things that make you cry. Wit blit oh tuttle foom We write to make ideas bloom Razz… Continue reading

why don’t i climb a tree

why don’t i climb a tree There is joy in freedom…there is bliss in carelessness. why don’t i climb a tree It stands outstretched above. It’s branches reach for the sky. Leafy coat… Continue reading

Y E A R N I N G …

The cookie just sat there in waiting While mouth it was merely debating Should I eat it there Would anyone care Then gone it was, yearning deflating. Another was placed on the table… Continue reading


If you look And you see It all unfolds before your eyes If you stop And you breathe It touches the soul and moves the heart If you bask And you feel You… Continue reading

Two Chairs

Two chairs and there they sat Simple and free Two chairs just waited still Destined to be. Two chairs were spotted once Seen from afar Two chairs were smiled at Carried to car.… Continue reading


I try I try but can’t keep up It’s Life it whips too fast I do my best to test my worth My spirit lags its mast The heart is in it’s in… Continue reading