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Sometimes…I Need Colour

I’ll take your pain and say a prayer I’ll weep with you in your grief I’ll pause in the silence But sometimes, I… I’ll write a note in kindness I’ll be by your… Continue reading

Tainted travel

Anger aggravating more Cannot bear the wait Tainted travel stuck on track Taunting evil fate. Perfect planning set to go Then insane delay Nothing nowhere can be done Ruining my whole day. Joking… Continue reading

It glistened there

The bitter cold Made walking bold. We waited still And fought off chill. Then in one night To kids’ delight, The snow arrived. Excitement thrived. The shovels drawn Did cover lawn. The winter… Continue reading


A breathless face lies Memories in photographs Shock settles in tears. A numbness enters Smiles fixed frozen in young eyes Inexplicable sadness. A weak connection Crush heartache in times long gone Unforgotten clear.… Continue reading

Keep Hope

Its nigh I sigh It’s Over Bye Bye It comes In hums A New One blossoms I see In me Adventure to be A light So bright Ideas take flight To chance Or… Continue reading

Capturing the Sigh

Sparkling dust it falls Dancing in my eyes Want to capture all As it floats and flies. Love each single flake Colourful and light Spirit will not break Festive Christmas bright. Can I… Continue reading

Wordy Wait Fate

Merry is lit bit I do Writing go and flow Colder air fair carries hint Much I know and show Wordy wait fate care I take Dapple light shine bright Festive decore more… Continue reading

Another numbing prose

Wind at my back blinking lights in my eyes words crashing through my head Wired and writing it all page after page turns Time to go to bed? Stationed in same motion Sitting… Continue reading

Unbroken True

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row” Yet t’is not far as that to roam To find a Fallen Friend at Home, Lie buried beneath Red and White… Continue reading


A bond set When two met With no fret They played. A sweet vow They knew how To bring wow. Friend made. At just three They shared free A name, see. They knew.… Continue reading