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B r e e z e

In breath of cool there flows a tease that nurtures soul to sail with ease. Not to control it brushes bees, refreshes face and fluffs up trees. I wish I could possess the… Continue reading


Make me better Help me see Turn the light on Set me free   Guide the wordling Yield the mark Breathe alive now Share the spark   Let it not die Once its… Continue reading


Sun is up Its time to sing, When brightness covers Everything. Clouds move in And brightness ends, A shadowy darkness Mind it bends. Sun back up And birds are high, It’s all so… Continue reading

Green Anew

Jagged haze enfolds twisting up in mass of edges It breathes anew ready for life bold the light rests. Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, April 25, 2016 Image: Green shoot by P.Antonello Moore.

Life’s Weight

As she wanders In this place, Darkness sits Upon her face. Nothing makes Emotions light, Ever shaded By the night. Hard to break That shell of hers, Or brighten up, No nothing spurs An… Continue reading


Resting light Dappled spark Leaning in. Once so tall Withered weight Patience lost. Water cool Sun-bathed kiss Strength renewed. Standing, still Reaching out Touching flow. Bare in sky Blossoms’ hope Will return. Blue… Continue reading

April Fool

itty bitty april fool sailing up the hill dancing in his jaunty shoes trying to keep still giggling colourful he squeaks eyes are never closed trying to make sense of him antsy as he goes… Continue reading


  Settling down Settling in Heart lifted high Now to begin.   Making it count Making it real Everything flows It’s a BIG deal.   Shifting a phrase Shifting in chair Words become… Continue reading

A n o t h e r Day

Yesterday I moved freely Today I stand in very long lines Yesterday the metro was harm-less Today I ride my scooter Yesterday I was invisible Today guards go through my personal things Yesterday I savoured my… Continue reading

Tweet Away Poetic

It’s Twitter’s Anniversary And Poetry Day at that So here I write a telling tale, In words, I tip my hat. Communicating many ways Poetic poems or tweets, A colourful and dazzling phrase, Almost as good… Continue reading