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Not A One

  Nobody today No one Not a one To see, pop in, feel Not a soul None here How lost a day’s view Gone unnoticed Unattended, not a care No stopping in Nada… Continue reading

O’ Shamrock Green

The Shamrock I see Stands so bold, for me. Its petals of green Great depth that I glean. In memories, so dear A heart that is clear, This gift from above Twined round in deep… Continue reading


The clock ticks on now, Hours broken, through the night air. Moon brings joy ce soir.   To wait is to dance. To rest is to breathe relief. Open door brings peace.  … Continue reading

HOME made

Saucy delicious, aroma divine, The delicate layers with cheese oh so fine. The meat packed ricotta delectable feast, So scrumptious Italian, all cut up and pieced. We gather together to savour with love,… Continue reading

Too Long

Far from me You are, Miles lit by night glow Bustling You Me, here Waiting as the time expands Long for me You, too Be together soon Essential You Manager, me Distance divides,… Continue reading

Float on

Sailing light Gloomy bay Words do more Than take you away. Breathe it in Savour light Float on phrases Free the kite. Inspiration Touches heart Moves you farther Than at start. Share your… Continue reading


  Little light slipped through When gloom danced in the moment I sing with new joy.   Before me, it rests I re-energize and bask For light can fade fast.   Paula Antonello… Continue reading

Jilted Joker

Magic Maker hardly grey Never knew just what to say, Daunting danced beneath the stars Floated free away to Mars.   Always antics filled the room, Wary waiting for some doom. Captured, clearly, fun to… Continue reading

Living Beside Light

Light it goes dancing and prancing in glee It sails about free like a bee that I see.   Darkness it comes, it just numbs and I flea, And off to my home, by the tree,… Continue reading

The Sleepover

My cousin’s big sleepover party was near i couldn’t contain my excitement or fear it was very new, yes quite new just for me i’d never been over to sleep in such glee i’d… Continue reading