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Standstill Day 7: Delighted

Trickling sparkle of feathery flakes a downy frost of motion. A chocolate break in this stiffness of still delightful thought ignited. Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Thursday, February 16, 2017. Image: Chocolate mug… Continue reading

Should have stayed

I should have stayed in bed today The morning wrenched Wrong footing Left of where I should have been I should have stayed in bed today The light was off A treaded path… Continue reading


In the chill of winter when frost covers everything a cup of hot cocoa and some quiet can be… P e r f e c t i o n.   Paula Antonello Moore,… Continue reading

Beneath the Magic

In the depth of your branches beneath the glowing lights You hold much more than a Christmas wish but years of magic moments a whisper of nostalgia that shines forth each season Bright… Continue reading

To the Weary Warriors

The images pass in gray light slowly forward, The pain plight passion of bygone moments when hearts charged to action brave, gave all for cause, friend nation, standing bold. Families stretched to the… Continue reading

Sparkle Awe

Sometimes its far easier and more enjoyable to just gaze Mesmerized than to capture a Something with Words.   Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Friday, November 4, 2016. Image: Fibre Optic Light by P.A.… Continue reading

In Intrigue’s glow

Fantastical find fresh upon Life’s floor Funny Flattened Focus-less on fuss Firm Fearless Fights not for place Flapping Free First to dance under breeze Floating Fade-less Filled with fancy fire Furled Fasten-less Forcing… Continue reading


Confusion rules in chaos when I don’t know where to start And a seed goes un-planted…until That moment when just the right light ignites And a root dives to depths beyond sight.  … Continue reading

Charged Momentum

I drive behind the bus There they sit Shoulder to shoulder, on their way I watch enthralled Pondering the pain and glory arising in the teenage soul So much potential, emotions, anticipations, aspirations… Continue reading


Today, I don’t feel like walking but want the grey light to sit and linger for the daydreaminess to wash over me and my spirit to drink it in.   Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright:… Continue reading