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“Said” Said

I never said that. I didn’t mean to say that You heard what I said I appologize for ever having said that What I said has been said before But I’m not the only… Continue reading


In the darkness of rain A sweet song came alive In swirls of dancing steps In pitches of harmony I was swept away Emotion brimming On the edge of something grand A lifelong… Continue reading

Capture All

  I jump in splash The sun wanes set I breathe in fresh The day soars new I hold on sail Live it full rest I try hard snap Capture it mark I charge… Continue reading


When you sit and cannot speak When awe catches your breath Lost in a sigh of summer ease Let The moment surpassing depth The trigger, creative spark Move you, toward making it Seized Creation can halt Stuffed with clouded… Continue reading

Treasured Still

In a town of memories Carved into my heart Streets of bygone moments Coated ice cream and platform sight Treasured steps of fun Structures stable, once bold Shaded now in unknown hues Playful… Continue reading

Lost Earring

I lost my earring yesterday. I hate losing things. I feel a failure, I fall apart. The anger within me is unending. How can I be so ridiculously careless? How did I not… Continue reading


bang bang bang all quiet is gone a ravaged heart lies ripped open   bang bang bang the noise is defeaning shouts become sound skin is cold   bang bang bang we cannot sleep… Continue reading

Unless There are Eyes

Controlling it all I snap the photo The photo I make It’s seen as I like A word, a gesture A jacket and bag I see it through eyes It’s how I like Controlling what’s… Continue reading


It cannot be contained, a moment of blaze that stirs the heart a race that takes the soul higher, above surface beneath feet                    … Continue reading

Endless Wound

A Flood of COLOUR A candle lit A hug squeezed tighter A prayer said soft   A fearful moment An aching heart A torrent of tears A frozen stand   A mass of… Continue reading