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Hello Trees I see you from below Happy that you glow green again. Hello Trees You lift my heart high Renewing a lost soul in Springtime light. Hello Trees Your glorious buds Bursting… Continue reading

A Fight

i’m done in sweetness the words tumble from my lips but knowing smile is not enough   like rushing water it rises from a depth that pushes open sweetie i’m not but truthful… Continue reading

Hole in my Shirt

“If only I had a needle.” “What for?” “Then I could sew this. I hate having a hole.” “But that’s the fun of it. The concert is where you got the hole in… Continue reading


Sun is up Its time to sing, When brightness covers Everything. Clouds move in And brightness ends, A shadowy darkness Mind it bends. Sun back up And birds are high, It’s all so… Continue reading

The Prayer List

The PRAYer list a LIST of prayers dated, marked For souls who’ve passed In SaDness FORGOTTEN nOt As NAME appears A brEAth was made Here In TragEDY, SHAking earth, Biting flood, STRUCk by hand, bullet, the UNimagined, They… Continue reading

A n o t h e r Day

Yesterday I moved freely Today I stand in very long lines Yesterday the metro was harm-less Today I ride my scooter Yesterday I was invisible Today guards go through my personal things Yesterday I savoured my… Continue reading

Not A One

  Nobody today No one Not a one To see, pop in, feel Not a soul None here How lost a day’s view Gone unnoticed Unattended, not a care No stopping in Nada… Continue reading

Cauchemar Insondable

I cannot feel outside of me A strangling takes hold Nightmare sounds in pops and crash My eyes are clamped tight The sirens blare in my head A crippling pain in my chest… Continue reading

You Cannot Reach Me Here

Hello Friends. Here is yet another re-post while I continue my redrafting of my manuscript. Enjoy! — Paula You cannot reach me Here I am far from you Carried away by Melody Shades… Continue reading

Dreaming undone

“Sometimes I look back and think my whole adult life has been underlined with a feeling of waiting – waiting for something to happen, waiting for circumstances to change…to infuse me from the… Continue reading