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At Day’s End

Colour: lime green and burnished red blend, intertwine facing blue spruceness and the towering hulk of oak crowded by a craggy cedar. Dragonflies: Their lifelike existence as seen only in the light emitted,… Continue reading

why don’t i climb a tree

why don’t i climb a tree There is joy in freedom…there is bliss in carelessness. why don’t i climb a tree It stands outstretched above. It’s branches reach for the sky. Leafy coat… Continue reading


If you look And you see It all unfolds before your eyes If you stop And you breathe It touches the soul and moves the heart If you bask And you feel You… Continue reading

Commercial Break

The terror struck And Fallon laughed A nightmare of blood But no one knew People at prayer And helium tricks In God’s arms Applause distraction Grandmother guard As Rickman joked “Just play dead”… Continue reading

Someone Else’s Eyes

I don’t know what I’m doing Somedays My insides just push forward And I write I don’t know what it is What is raised It comes in and flows out Worthwhile? Perhaps today.… Continue reading

Can You See?

Just for a minute It all lies secure Your head is so clear there’s nothing to fear Just for a second The steps are concrete You breathe in at peace a calm and… Continue reading

The DAY It died

And that’s the day It died. Slow burn Yearn It was Never strong Long it played Real Hope Scope Was weak Needed more Door Was closed Smile dry Why I wondered Grief inside… Continue reading

Moving pictures

I am here…but I’m not I see you…but I don’t know you I had experiences once…but now, I know moving pictures in my mind I used to love a feast…now, I am told… Continue reading

Sometimes…I Need Colour

I’ll take your pain and say a prayer I’ll weep with you in your grief I’ll pause in the silence But sometimes, I… I’ll write a note in kindness I’ll be by your… Continue reading

I Can Only

I can’t see the smiles in faces surrounding I can’t feel my feet I can’t bear the weight that is crushing me I can’t see the memories I can’t read the signs I… Continue reading