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Lost Earring

I lost my earring yesterday. I hate losing things. I feel a failure, I fall apart. The anger within me is unending. How can I be so ridiculously careless? How did I not… Continue reading


bang bang bang all quiet is gone a ravaged heart lies ripped open   bang bang bang the noise is defeaning shouts become sound skin is cold   bang bang bang we cannot sleep… Continue reading


Gentle soul he lit the way Snapping colour flow Celebrated mismatched style Always on the go Smiling fully as he moved Setting up the shot Purposeful in rarity Deeply pointed thought. Garbed in… Continue reading

Dear Anton Yelchin

Dear Anton Yelchin: In the darkness of night, you left us. A tragedy unimaginable. You weren’t daring fate. You weren’t living large. It was just an ordinary day. Twenty-seven years abruptly end. Those penetrating… Continue reading

Oh Glory

Oh Glory How you delight there Spectacular divine You dazzle me I cannot say How layered in frothy light glow I marvel still Breath-taking stand Ecstatic to catch sight of you But know… Continue reading

A Fight

i’m done in sweetness the words tumble from my lips but knowing smile is not enough   like rushing water it rises from a depth that pushes open sweetie i’m not but truthful… Continue reading

Up Right

I’m crawling up and over I go the light looks brighter there but then, down I fall.   I’m crawling toward the bright excitement drives my muscles until… I am blown away, off… Continue reading


Sun is up Its time to sing, When brightness covers Everything. Clouds move in And brightness ends, A shadowy darkness Mind it bends. Sun back up And birds are high, It’s all so… Continue reading

Novel Update #21: A Sampling

Hello there: As I continue to slug away at editing the manuscript for my novel Fallout with my editor, I thought I’d offer up another tiny sample. Here’s a small taste. Enjoy! Lise was embarrassed now.… Continue reading


  Settling down Settling in Heart lifted high Now to begin.   Making it count Making it real Everything flows It’s a BIG deal.   Shifting a phrase Shifting in chair Words become… Continue reading