The Tree and me

i see a tree.
it beckons me,
to share a spree,
and stay merry.

it is a plea
that cannot be,
to stand so free
just like that tree.

places to be!
so much to see!
and like a bee
i am not free.

unlike a pea,
a flower’s key
is just that bee
that seems so free.

but like a tea
that urges me
to bend a knee
and sit til 3,

it comforts me.
i laugh tee hee
and gaze on thee
without a fee.

just you and me.
it’s now a “we”
I cannot flee
from you my tree.

but then it’s he
or maybe she,
who calls on me
and there i’ll be.

for they’re not free,
beyond mere three,
but still need me,
upon the sea.

So i must flee
won’t dismiss thee,
a glorious tree,
for all to see.

don’t banish me,
’cause soon i’ll be
back here with thee,
my treasured tree.

peekiequeen poetry c. October 2013