Before Christmas Break…

“Do not hunt for subjects, let them choose you, not you them.
Only do that which insists being done and runs right up against you,
hitting you in the eye until you do it.”
– Samuel Butler


Anticipation explodes!

Snow. Beautiful Crisp and white. Fresh.

Giant snow hill beckons loudly.

Excitement overload!

Kids in wet snowsuits, mitts dripping with ice encrusted creations

Floor vent cluttered with upside boots seeking warmth and recovery.

Head like a balloon, stuffed and other-worldy.

Sleep desperately craved.

Hacking cough.

Gifts piling up, wrapping strewn across floor in wrinkled bunches, colourful and waiting.

So much to do!

Two days lost in bed.

Catch up day, ready and eager…

Child sick, home from school.

Blog unwritten. Floors to wash.

Snow slushy. Endlessly wet entry.

Gritty tiles.

Creative and yearning still.

* * *

This has been my week all encapsulated here. I am recovering from a bad cold and of course with a timeline in place before winter break, everything piles up as cold knocks me down. I have wanted to write and create, my imagination still brimming but alas…now my child sleeps, a deadline nears and yet I pause to write.