Thanksgiving Awe and Hush


Leaf breezy thee
I’m overwhelmed you see
Your colours rain on me
I cannot let things be

Red there said
With Vibrancy overhead
Such glory, soul is fed
I take it all to bed

Swishing windy thing
Tree leafs they start to sing
Like Church bells that would ring
All wrapped up, not like Spring

Then brown its all around
Some crunching on the ground
The golden drop, no sound
I’m left here all unbound

Radiant praise in day
They pass quick on their way
Must treasure all and pray
But never stop the play

Turkey luring lush
A feast you cannot rush
With laughter wine and flush
Thanksgiving awe and hush.

Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Friday, October 10. 2014

A Very HAPPY THANKSGIVING To All Canadian Friends!