Taker does its part


“Rediscover Paper and Print
In a world of virtual communications,
people are rediscovering the real power
of messages on paper – pass it on!”

Light it’s slowly taken when the entry is made.
Breaking moment shaken as the eyes are sharply stayed.

Words in darkened imprint dazzle mind at work in time.
Fluid thoughts are hinted as the world becomes sublime.

Someone tossed the story into ether reverie,
Another treasures glory bursting forth like confetti.

Trudging in the details wading deep in warring words,
Celebrated, unveiled as excitement sails like birds.

Steadily the study checking fact repeatedly,
Sharing with a buddy as it rests so easily.

Truly loved emotion so well captured on the page.
Valued in the motion of the action set on stage.

Sigh exhaled its ended as release is meant to be,
Welcome oh-so-splendid as it’s shared and held with glee.

Nothing can compare to that envisioned dream achieved.
Mysterious the prayers too, Taker knows not what’s relieved.

Yet it all will follow, brimming beautiful in heart,
Applause is never hollow as the Taker does its part.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, March 20, 2015

Image: “A Girl Reading Someone” from Pixgood