Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Gone Be Giant

Giant is dead Gone is its breadth The drape of its shade The red feathered reach Giant is gone A reason unknown If only you knew The heartache in witness Giant in pieces… Continue reading

Dreaming undone

“Sometimes I look back and think my whole adult life has been underlined with a feeling of waiting – waiting for something to happen, waiting for circumstances to change…to infuse me from the… Continue reading

The Ring

He’s wearing a ring but not happy His face wears a frown and is gray She’s missing her ring and can fake it But they only watch her at play She’s wearing her… Continue reading


I am always amazed when I get recognition for anything I do. So when I was recently nominated by Ireland today for the Starlight Blogger Award, I thought him very kind and very… Continue reading

In the Wrong Zone

Well I’m in the zone. Not the writing zone (or editing zone where I should be) but the reading zone. I’m doing my annual prep for the upcoming WritersFestival (Confessions of a proud… Continue reading

Still Missing The Captain…

Marking the one year anniversary with a re-posted blog tribute. The darkness it was silent No brightness filled the room Until a Tiny Glimmer Raised up its face from gloom. It sparked and… Continue reading

Dear John Stewart, Sir

“His gift has always been being one of the citizens and one of the people that is being affected by things. He just kind of lays it out the way that makes sense… Continue reading


It’s black right there i stare so dark no flare that’s rare soundless the air i share that’s good it’s where i care eyes closed my prayer aware to be i swear its… Continue reading