The Chill of Real

halloween-silhouette-trick-or-treating-2560x1440 (1)

Today I’m free
To dress and be
With so much glee
For fun.

I’ll masquerade
Keep up charade
Won’t be afraid
Til done.

With makeup strewn
A ghoulish goon
Under full moon
I walk…

With scream and squeal
A heart will feel
The chill of ‘real’
And gawk.

The witches fly
Fairies are shy
‘He has no eye!’
I laugh,

Jedi and ghost
Zombies will roast
Minions that toast…’oh, hello’

Costumes galore
Creepy and more
Not one a bore
They pass,

A glowing light
Batman and knight
Queen and her sprite
En mass.

To home we go
A cape will flow
So much to show
It’s time,

The ghouls are dead
The ‘faces’ shed
A treat, not bed

Happy Halloween!

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, October 30, 2015.

Image: Trick or Treating from Desktop Warehouse