Hope…it’s still out there

This morning, at the breakfast table, I looked out and not only saw a small bird (not sure if it was a Robin or chickadee. I’m no birdie.) dancing about the dirty snow.

As a fresh falling wet sprinkled from the sky, I was taken aback for that small bird began to sing.

I Love Spring! Love love love it! I also truly enjoy Winter… but on a timeline. If it’s not gone by March, I’m cranky.

Unfortunately for this year, we Canadians have seen far too much for even us. We have been inundated with snowfall after snowfall after snow squall after blizzard. It has beaten us down beyond words.

So though I am annually thrilled and anxious when Spring rolls around, this year I am BESIDE MYSELF with anticipation!

That small little creature this morning had no idea what affect it had on me.

It was a living breathing sign of HOPE.

You know that word? That feeling that all is not lost even in the midst of great adversity, turmoil, death, destruction, sadness?

It’s that little tug at your sleeve forcing you to look down or up and embrace the fact that life continues to move on and with that passage also comes change. But even better than that, that progression brings with it NEW LIFE, a newness energized with excitement and incredible Creativity.

For those of us who are religious, the upcoming Easter Joy officially kicks that off. The pastel colours, bold flowers, smiles on children’s faces as they collect their bright Easter eggs, all combine to present us with that glorious time when New Life bursts forward in Resurrected Joy. We pause and express gratitude for our blessings and look forward to the new tomorrow.

For those who do not share a particular faith, the brilliance of Nature itself coming alive before your eyes I’m sure does something internal to you. All it takes is an awakening of an inkling, a motivation, a push to Do, Create, Share.

And so, that precious little bird this morning, well it made My Day! Its chirping was the sweetest sound to my ears as if they were hearing it for the first time ever.

Armed with that, I will graciously allow Winter it’s final bow. From muddy snowbanks to straw-coloured grass to fresh new greenery, I will… wait, sort of patiently, and prepare myself for the exhilaration to come.

And I will ignore the fact that it has just begun to snow again outside my window…

peekiequeen c. Thursday, March 20, 2014