In the Dark


Mary sat in the dark.

The torrential rain pounding the living room windows made her uneasy. If she didn’t know any better she would have thought something was trying to smash its way in. But alas it was just the rain. She didn’t like how the dark made her feel especially in a storm.

The dark was cold. The dark was menacing. The dark was lonely.

She knew the electricity was out, yet she had no interest in checking if it had returned. So she sat there and let the darkness toy with her.
Funny how everything was the same colour in the blackness. There was no red, no blue. No green, yellow or purple danced about the room. Everything lay black.

‘I guess colour doesn’t matter right now,’ she thought. It was true. It didn’t. Yet the colourless room also had its own affect on her.
Sam was colour. Sam was a rainbow. Without him, the world was dark anyway. So tonight was no different, regardless of the storm raging beyond.

She closed her eyes as if the scene would change when she opened them. It only seemed darker. Such murkiness gnawed away at her mind. ‘What was that sound?’ a voice inside her taunted. ‘You sure you’re safe here? What if the window does break? What will you do?’

Thunder ruptured the room with such force a small glass figurine fell from on top of the TV unit. Mary didn’t move. She merely watched how lightning flashed, illuminating the shards on the floor.

She closed her eyes again and something new took shape. A calm rested on her. Fear dissipated with each droplet dripping and splashing outside.
‘I’m happy here,’ she smiled. ‘Bring your worst dark, tempest. You cannot touch me.’

And there she remained after the thunder, after the rain, after the blackness changed into hues.

Paula Antonello Moore, Fiction prose, Copyright: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Fictionalized sample of my Novel Fallout

Image: Chocolate coffee cup girl from Capturing Sunshine

Writing Challenge: “Put your character (or yourself) in the dark. See what happens.” From 642 Things to Write About by the San Franscisco Writers’ Grotto.