Falling into New York


Waiting in grey
Excitement Delay
Then flying on through to the glory of play

Yellow whizz by
The Row where we’ll lie
Better than up in the air where we fly

Monsters in height
Bleak but delight
Soon to be walking in City of Light

Sharing the know
Steps where we go
Trying to find the great joy in the flow

Glitter in eyes
Dazzle surprise
Toys are the best when you are smaller size

Bubba the Gump
Not in a slump
Wanting to climb every one in a jump

Burgers and drinks
Bright blues and pinks
Sitting above all the world, how it winks

Never want end
Moments will send
Treasures to heart like a dear buddy friend

There in THE Square
Folks everywhere
Excitement reigns free, photos taken w care

Then in the dark
Newness will spark
Having done all that we can just to mark

Sleepy in bed
Long day we’ve tread
Making some sense to the clutter in head.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, April 20, 2015

Images Credit: Times Square, NYC and The Row Hotel, NYC, by Paula Antonello Moore.