Knotted Knowing


Anxiety activates a
Numbness now
When withering waiting
Stressfully Signals seizing
Moments markedly mashed
Patience painfully paused
Dreading dearly downed
By breaking backaches
It’s inevitable
Existence encourages embracing
Unity unbound
Yet yearning yields
Gripping grasping grief
Endured electric
Cleaving closely cautious
For further facts
Relentless reverence
Trying to track
How Helpless Heart
Looms loose
Vexed Valued Victim
Jeopardized jumpy just
Knotted Knowing
Ominous outcome overestimated overcome oversensitive
Queasy quieted quick-tempered questioning
zealous zest

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry Prose. Copyright: Saturday, September 19, 2015

Image: The American Heart Association