Confessions of a Proud Writer!

Well I did it!

I read THREE Books in THREE weeks, that last one taking just a day to complete. Big deal you might say?

Well for those who have been following me or have known me for a while, you might recall this particular post, Confessions of an Embarassed Writer.

How did this come to be all of a sudden then? Perhaps guilt? Sure. Or simply the basic necessity for me as a writer to be more writerly and READ! READ! READ! as my mother has insisted.

But more importantly, I’m prepping for the next Writers Fest I will be attending which will actually be a Writer’s Retreat weekend. I am eagerly looking forward to it.

I treated these books as sort of projects and that mentality helped to motivate me. And before I knew it, I was actually enjoying that age-old experience of “not being able to put the book down.”

Silly epiphany right when I’m supposed to be a writer? Well sadly I’ve always been that sort of person who loves to write and read but has not been as proficient in maintaining the best reading schedule. Thankfully, I think that is about to change.

This endeavour also gave me the golden opportunity to become familiar with the specific lecturers, some authors, poets and even editors and agents, that I will be listening to in Writer Studio classes and general talks.

Last year, I felt quite ill-at-ease and found myself rather ignorant when many other participants around me were so well-versed in the whats and whos of Canadian publishing. I’m glad I feel different now.

Yet though this seems like such a tiny effort on my part, I believe it has already reaped great benefits for me.

First, I had fun and relished the fact I could actually do it in such a short time.

Second, I now have a greater understanding of the recent publications some of these authors have published. I have come to know why, through their individual experiences, they were chosen to share their expertise.

As well, I have had the chance to get a much better feel for the way Canadian writers write. I was thrilled to discover that one author wrote in a style that I myself have employed: multiple-episodes focusing on different characters all within one chapter. That was reassuring in the sense that I know it works and is accepted.

I hope to make some inroads in my own writing career in preparation for starting the editing process for My Novel next month, not only through the knowledge gained but also connections made. My fingers are crossed!

Stay tuned…

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts, Copyright: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Image: The Art of Reading